The Bank of England (BoE) has published a document announcing a series of changes aimed at reinforcing its transparency, accountability and governance. The document sets out the core components of the BoE’s proposed approach and groups them under four headings:

  • improvements to Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) transparency;
  • transparency of BoE records and documents. The BoE intends to make a one-off special release, in appropriately redacted form, of the minutes of the Court of Directors and related meetings during the financial crisis period of 2007 – 09;
  • governance of the BoE. The BoE proposes to simplify the governance and structure of the BoE’s Court of Directors; and
  • governance of the BoE’s policy responsibilities. This includes proposals for aligning the status of the Financial Policy Committee and the PRA Board with that of the MPC.

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