We are evolving our successful 40-minute briefings into webinars for financial services professionals. This includes senior management and those in legal, compliance and risk teams who have or are developing financial services expertise. The webinars will be led by senior members of our financial services team from legal, risk consulting and government affairs backgrounds and will provide practical insights into what they are currently seeing in the market.

EU policy-makers are also currently reviewing MIFID II and MIFIR in light of market developments to determine which legislative adjustments are appropriate. The Commission has identified four priority areas for its review, being the EU consolidated tape, investor protection, research unbundling rules and commodity markets. Some in the market believe that the Commission should adopt a ‘Refit’ approach, rather than a complete re-write of the legislation. Whatever happens, the revised rules will come into effect after the transition period and it will be left to the UK government to make the changes.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • MiFID “quick fix”: Key provisions and practical implications for firms
  • MiFID II and MiFIR review: Focus on key markets provisions including market data, consolidated tape, pre and post-trade transparency
  • UK and Brexit: Is the “quick fix” going to be implemented in the UK?
  • Article 46 MiFIR equivalence: The latest on adoption

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