On 16 December 2021, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published its final report on the feasibility study of an integrated reporting system (IRS).

The report puts forward a long-term vision on how the reporting processes could be streamlined and improved for both institutions and competent authorities and how cooperation among the latter could be enhanced in the area of prudential, resolution and supervisory reporting. The report is the outcome of over two years of effort and active engagement of both national and European authorities, as well as interaction with financial institutions, professional associations and specialised service providers. The study is part of a broader strategy of the European Commission to improve and modernise EU supervisory reporting while minimising the aggregate reporting burden for all parties.

Article 430c of the Capital Requirements Regulation mandates the EBA to develop a report on the feasibility regarding the development of a consistent and integrated system for collecting statistical, resolution, and prudential data. The EBA was mandated to produce such a study to investigate ways to potentially reduce reporting costs and increase efficiencies of the reporting process.

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