The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published data templates that will create the foundation for non-performing loan (NPL) transactions across the EU. The templates will provide a common EU data set for the screening, financial due diligence and valuation during NPL transactions.

The EBA is providing these templates to allow banks to supply comparable and standardised data on NPLs to meet the needs of investors and other stakeholders. The EBA NPL transaction templates provide data by loan, i.e. at the most granular level, including information on counterparties related to the loan and the collateral provided. The templates are built on existing reporting, which should reduce implementation costs for banks. The templates provide a common EU data set but bespoke parts of the templates capture national specificities. For the purposes of market screening, a separate stratified data subset provides a high level of an NPL portfolio.

View EBA produces standardised data templates for NPL transactions, 14 December 2017

View EBA work on NPLs, 14 December 2017