The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published a consultation paper concerning:

  • draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) under Article 8(2) of the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV) on the information to be provided for the authorisation of credit institutions, the requirements applicable to shareholders and members with qualifying holdings and obstacles which may prevent the effective exercise of supervisory powers. In keeping with the provisions of Article 14(2) of the CRD IV, the requirements in the draft RTS closely follow the criteria set out in Article 23(1) of the CRD IV in respect of proposed acquirers of qualifying holdings following the authorisation of the applicant credit institution. The draft RTS also specifies obstacles that could prevent the effective exercise of the supervisory functions, including examples thereof; and
  • draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) under Article 8(3) of the CRD IV on standard forms, templates and procedures for the provision of the information required for the authorisation of credit institutions. The draft ITS set out a form to be used by applicants seeking to obtain authorisation referred to in Article 8(1) of the CRD IV, as well as relevant procedures and requirements relating to the submission of such applications and to the approach to be taken in respect of incomplete applications.

The deadline for comments on the consultation is 8 February 2017.

Following the conclusion of the consultation period, the draft RTS and ITS will be finalised and submitted to the European Commission.

View EBA consults on standards specifying information requirements for the authorisation of credit institutions, 8 November 2016