On 30 January 2024, the European Parliament issued a press release stating that the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee had voted to approve the text of the proposed Regulation amending Regulations (EU) No 1092/2010, (EU) No 1093/2010, (EU) No 1094/2010, (EU) No 1095/2010 and (EU) 2021/523 as regards certain reporting requirements in the fields of financial services and investment support.

Among other things the press release states that MEPs enlarged the scope of the original Commission proposal and decided that not only all European Supervisory Authorities responsible for supervision in the financial sector in the EU, but also the Single Resolution Board and the European Anti-Money Laundering Authority would be obliged to follow new rules. The press release also states that MEPs want authorities to strive for the “report once” principle, so that information from financial institutions or other reporting entities is only reported once to one authority.

MEPs also agreed to begin negotiations with the Council of the EU.