The German Central Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) has issued a note (no. 8001/2016) on the ordinance introducing an analytical credit dataset (AnaCredit), which has been published in the Federal Gazette on 28 July 2016. AnaCredit is a project to set up a dataset containing granular information on bank loans in the Euro area, harmonised across all Member States. The rationale of AnaCredit is to identify, aggregate and compare credit exposures and to detect associated risks on a loan-by-loan basis. The reporting requirements will be phased in during the course of 2018. German banks have to report the first set of data (the masterdata of the respective loans) as of January 2018.

With information sessions in July 2016, the Bundesbank informed market participants about the current status of the AnaCredit project. Furthermore, the Bundesbank provided a recently revised FAQ (as of 27 July 2016).