The Financial Stability Board (FSB) has published a speech given by its Secretary General, Svein Andresen. The speech is entitled Reforming derivatives markets: a stocktake.

In his speech Mr Andreson discusses the emerging evidence about the effects of the G20 over-the-counter derivatives markets reforms. He then covers the FSB’s derivatives-related work for the next year or so and then finishes by saying a few words on the importance of international regulatory and supervisory cooperation.

Mr Andreson explains that at the international level, policymaking for derivatives markets to implement the post-crisis reforms is largely complete, with guidance on central counterparty (CCP) resilience, recovery and resolution to be published late June, and data harmonisation efforts well underway.

Mr Andreson also explains that as part of the FSB’s CCP workplan, a joint study group was established to identify, quantify and analyse the network of interdependencies between CCPs and key CCP participants. A summary of the findings will be published in June 2017.

Also in June the FSB will be publishing the key findings of its ongoing review on derivatives markets reforms in its third annual report on the effects and implementation of reforms, along with its twelfth regular update on implementation, and the follow-up review on FSB members’ progress in removing legal barriers to trade reporting. The FSB expects the report to stimulate discussion and point authorities to some issues that merit further investigation.

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