On 16 May 2024, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (Basel Committee) published a report on the implications of the digitalisation of finance on banks and supervision.

The report builds on the Basel Committee’s 2018 paper, Sound practices: implications of fintech developments for banks and bank supervisors and takes stock of recent developments

On 13 May 2024, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (Basel Committee) issued a press release confirming that the Group of Central Bank Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS), the oversight body of the Basel Committee, met on 13 May 2024. It states that the GHOS welcomes the progress made in

On 30 April 2024, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (Basel Committee) published a consultation on guidelines for counterparty credit risk (CCR) management.

The draft guidelines are intended to provide a supervisory response to the significant shortcomings that have been identified in banks’ management of CCR, including the lessons learned from

On 17 April 2024, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) published a whitepaper from ISDA Future Leaders in Derivatives (IFLD), its professional development program for emerging leaders in the derivatives market. The whitepaper, “GenAI in the Derivatives Market: a Future Perspective.”, was developed by the third cohort

In the latest instalment of our Regulation Around the World series, Financial Services partners in over 10 jurisdictions review recent steps that financial services regulatory authorities have taken as regards investment research.

Our global updater is accompanied by further analysis and insights in our Regulation Around the World podcast which is available now to stream

On 29 April 2024, the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) published a Report on service level agreements for cross border payment arrangements, with recommendations and key features. The Report has been informed by a stocktake of existing cross-border arrangements and regular exchanges with practitioners.

The Report outlines the complexity of the

On 17 April 2024, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) published a consultation report that sets out policy recommendations to enhance the liquidity preparedness of non-bank market participants for margin and collateral calls in centrally and non-centrally cleared derivatives and securities markets (including securities financing such as repo).

The FSB has published these recommendations

On 28 March 2024, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published a table setting out the status of the implementation of Recommendation 15 by FATF members and other jurisdictions with the most materially important virtual asset service provider activity. The table follows a stocktake of current levels of implementation across the global network.

On 27 March 2024, the Wolfsberg Group (Group) published Principles for Auditing Financial Crime Risk Management (FCRM) using the Wolfsberg Factors (Factors) which were published in 2019.

The Group notes that internal audit (IA), an independent function within a financial institution (FI), constitutes the third

On 20 March 2024, the Wolfsberg Group published a statement on countering terrorist financing (CTF).  The statement replaces the Wolfsberg Group’s first statement on the topic published in 2002. It describes the role of financial institutions in CTF and the key controls which seek to mitigate and manage the risk of a financial