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In our latest Global Regulation Tomorrow Plus podcast we focus on the FCA’s finalised guidance on the new anti-greenwashing rule. We consider the scope of the new rule, the key differences between the finalised guidance and that consulted on, some “dos and don’ts” for firms and then finally a few words on a new anti-greenwashing

Last November the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published Policy Statement 23/16 (PS23/16) containing final rules and guidance on sustainability disclosure requirements (SDR) and investment labels (UK SDR regime). The rules and guidance are currently limited to UK asset managers and essentially the requirements comprise of two components

On 23 April 2024, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published Consultation Paper 24/8 ‘Extending the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements regime to portfolio management’ (CP24/8). In CP24/8 the FCA sets out proposals to extend the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels regime to portfolio management services.


On 25 October

On 23 April 2024, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its finalised non-handbook guidance (FG24/3) on the anti-greenwashing rule. The guidance is intended to help firms understand and comply with the anti-greenwashing rule, which comes into force on 31 May 2024.


The anti-greenwashing rule is part of a package of measures the

In the second in our series of Regulation Tomorrow Plus podcasts on the FCA’s intervention in the motor finance sector, we take a detailed look at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)’s decisions upholding specific complaints in relation to historical discretionary commission arrangements. The decisions were one of the catalysts for the action the

In our latest podcast, Partner Matthew Gregory is joined by Senior Associate Joe Bamford, both of whom specialise in retail conduct, to discuss the FCA’s consultation (CP23/24) on changes to the capital requirements for personal investment firms, with particular focus on how firms must calculate their potential redress liabilities for these purposes. The podcast also

On 12 April 2024, the FCA issued a statement on its website reminding motor finance firms that they must maintain adequate financial resources at all times.

Earlier this year the FCA announced that it was using its powers under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to review sales of historical motor finance discretionary commission

On 24 May 2023, the European Commission published its Retail Investment Strategy (RIS), a legislative package intended to empower retail investors to take more informed investment decisions that would better correspond to their investment needs and objectives.

The RIS comprises of a Directive as regards the EU retail investor protection rules. This Omnibus

On 19 March 2024, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a Guidance Consultation, GC24/1, on proposed amendments to FG21/4: Guidance for insolvency practitioners (IPs) on how to approach regulated firms.

FG21/4, published in May 2021, was introduced to help IPs comply with FCA rules and guidance as well as