On 14 June 2024, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) issued a press release following its Plenary in Toronto.

Key points in the press release include:

  • The Plenary discussed the progress made on the key international work following up on the March 2023 turmoil. Members look forward to the completion of this work and will build on this next year by drawing together a holistic view on liquidity risk.
  • The FSB will deliver a report detailing progress on the overall non-bank financial intermediation work programme to the G20 in July.
  • The Plenary discussed the FSB’s draft stocktake on supervisory and regulatory initiatives related to nature-related financial risks. The stocktake also provides an overview of members’ analytical work, and members discussed whether and to what extent the degradation of nature and the loss of biodiversity represent a financial risk. The stocktake will be published as a report in July.